Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Stuff and Things

Hi!  Remember me?  Finally able to get on the ol' blog.  It's a lot more frustrating to blog over here than I thought.  Half the time, when I click on my link, the 'log in' portion of it gets blocked so I can't figure out a way to actually log in....the other half the time, the SUPER slow internet that we have is so clogged up with people on it that I can't even get on the webpage.  Oh....and the rest of the time, I'm just too lazy or tired to blog.  PLUS I don't have a whole heck of a lot to blog about.  I thought my life would be much more exciting over here but alas, I'm an office hack.  Have just spent the last week up to my eyeballs in end of tour admin for one of our detachments that is leaving soon.  Lucky bastards!!  :)  I'm happy for them that they get to head home.  As we retrograde out of Uruzgan, the bases are closing their FOB closed down and they're almost outta here.  Lots of paperwork involved in sending people home....awards, evals, theater release, check out sheets, etc.  But we'll get them out of here and learn the process so when the next det goes, we'll have it down pat.  So it's not really all that exciting....I'm a staff officer again!!  Just happens to be in Afghanistan.  My days are pretty much Groundhog Day....get up, go to the gym (sometimes), listen to the Capitals game (sometimes), eat, come to work, eat, come back to work, eat, come back to work, go back to the room, sleep, and do it all over again.
Have been religiously following the Caps and wake up the mornings they play by 0400 so I can listen to them on the radio online.  Gives me something to look forward to every couple of days and they're now on a 2-game winning streak so it's getting more exciting!!  :)  They've still got one of the worst records in the NHL but I love them.  I'll get to watch them Monday morning on TV so I'm pretty excited about that (even if it DOES start at 0330).  The boyfriend is out training, getting ready for his deployment over here in April so haven't talked to him in a few days....and probably won't for a couple more weeks.  NOT awesome....but nothing to be done about it.
Other than that, just getting ready to MOVE.  We are moving into a new living chalet, which kind of sucks.  Hopefully we'll now get to stay there until we leave and not have to move again.  We got squished from 22 rooms to 16 so most of us are 4 to a room (although I'll have only 3 because there are only 3 of us females here....and a couple of the more senior people only have two....but for the most part, we're 4 to a 4-man room).  It's not THAT bad....especially after being in the cramped quarters of a ship.  It's do-able for another 4 months.  Will be excited to be done, though.  Have I ever said that before?  ;-)

Cabin?  In JULY?  Oh HELLS YEAH.


  1. Hi,

    I remember when I moved out of my comfy room and into a 6 person transient room for a month so the incoming PRT could move right in :-( Your day sounds about like mine except for the trips outside the wire. I couldn't get out enough to break things up. The end of tour awards processed was terrible. If the same folks are still in KAF they are probably cursing me :-)

    Hey, did you get the email in regards to getting another paracord bracelet for my son? I've sent a couple of emails to different folks about this that and the other but no replies. I hope things are being sent from my navy email.

    Sounds like you guys really expanded the patio we added. A pizza oven would have been nice!!

  2. thanks for the update. now that i live in atlanta i've forgotten all about the caps and hockey.

    you'll be home drinking old milwaukee beer before you know it.

    stay safe and take care.


    1. How could you EVER forget about the CAPS?? I can't believe you'd even ADMIT that!! :) And I WON'T be drinking Old know I'm a Miller Lite gal!!

      Thanks for checking the blog, MG!! :)

  3. Hello! Found your blog a few months back while googling info on TK. My hubby has been stationed there since last July and just left to head home! Thanks for taking the time to blog....allowed me to have more peace of mind about where he is! :) ~April